Dr John Beaney



Treating type 2 diabetes

When your doctor measures your blood sugars and diagnoses diabetes, your pancreas has already been working flat out for years making as much insulin as it can to keep the sugars in check.

The first medication introduced is normally metformin, which helps the body make the best use of your natural insulin. It works for a while, but soon there is a need for medications that force the pancreas to make even more insulin.

When they become ineffective, more sophisticated drugs interfere with metabolic processes throughout the body in order to reduce levels of sugar in the blood stream by one method or another.

Eventually, despite multiple medications, blood glucose levels rise, and patients need to inject themselves with insulin sometimes multiple times a day. A common side-effect is increasing obesity.

This is what Diabetes Australia describe as a chronic progressive incurable disease, the epidemic of the 21st century.

There is an alternative management for type 2 diabetes, which I recommend. Blood sugars return to normal and the need for medications is reduced or eliminated. My role is to enable you to return to a natural way of eating.  I believe that every diabetic and, indeed, everybody who may become a diabetic, should at least be informed about the nature of this alternative.