Dr John Beaney



I was a general practitioner registered in Victoria for 35 years until 2012.

I now specialise in the study of nutritional, dietary and lifestyle aspects of weight loss, diabetes, the metabolic syndrome, and related disorders. I maintain a small consulting practice to provide one-on-one nutritional counselling.

While it is likely that I can help you make significant positive changes, what you learn from this site, or any discussions we may have, are not a substitute for appropriate professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

The ideal combination is for you, your doctors and myself to work harmoniously together.

It is likely that successful management will reduce your need for some medicines, particularly for blood pressure and diabetes.  Your doctor may well have advised you to monitor the dosage of your medications to take into account varying needs. 

I am now fully retired from medical practice and do not represent myself as a registered medical practitioner.

My fees are not refundable through Medicare or private health funds.

Dr John Beaney


It is likely that you are among the majority of adults in Australia who are troubled by chronic, progressive medical problems that directly or indirectly result from the food you eat.  You are aware there is a problem but when you seek help there is a constant stream of conflicting advice from TV, magazines, books and social media.  Even medical professionals disagree.  Many people just give up.

If that applies to you, I may well be able to help.