Dr John Beaney



Fat Trucks Intro

Every animal cell contains cholesterol. Every animal cell makes cholesterol. The liver, which makes the majority, regulates and maintains our cholesterol levels.
Yet, after more than 2,000,000 years of evolution, many of us are being told that our levels of cholesterol are too high and we need to take medications called statins daily for the rest of our lives. It has even been suggested that statins should be added to our drinking water.
As a retired GP with 40 years of experience I am well aware that there are problems with the way we metabolise fat. Levels of obesity and type 2 diabetes are rising rapidly. Atheroma, the proper name for hardening and blocking of the arteries, contains cholesterol and is the leading cause of heart attacks and strokes. There is a link between cholesterol and atheroma, but that doesn't make cholesterol the cause. It is important, when reading scientific literature, to recognise that correlation and cause are not the same.
Fat metabolism is a complicated and difficult process, but there is a real need in the community to understand it better. What follows is my attempt to take some serious science and make it more understandable. Based on solid science, with some lighter moments to make it more easily understood, I hope it expands your understanding of this complex and important subject.