Dr John Beaney



The Carnivore Diet - Part 1

At present, the evidence in favour of the carnivore diet is largely anecdotal.

Nevertheless, I recommend the carnivore diet with confidence for clients with autoimmune disease.
The evidence that autoimmune disease is closely related to certain plant-based foods is undeniable. The role of plant-based food inducing leaky gut is well established. Now leaky brain is in the spotlight of research. On the other hand, animal-based food is largely free of autoimmune involvement.

I see the carnivore diet as the ultimate elimination diet. After one to three months most people are ready to reintroduce plant-based food in an orderly way preferably under supervision.

It is best to exclude dairy and eggs for the first two months. If you are confident that you can consume dairy and eggs without problems than they may choose not to exclude them. Be aware that autoimmunity is quite different from more immediate forms of food allergy.

I will need to advise you how to transition from a standard Australian diet to a carnivore diet. The body is perfectly able to adjust but it takes time – maybe a week sometimes a month. Forget about counting macros and calories. While the focus appears to be on meat, most of your energy needs will be derived from the fat that naturally comes with the meat. 

Ideally, your carnivore diet should consist entirely of muscle meat, including the fat that comes with the meat and lambs fry (liver) sourced from animals that have spent their entire life on naturally pastured preferably organic farms, or wild caught fish.  They should therefore be free of antibiotics and growth hormones and should not be “finished’ with grain.

I make my own bone broth and lard, but you can now buy readymade reputable brands such as York Foods “Grass Fed Angus Beef Dripping” and broth from Broth & Co and others.

Food derived from natural grass-fed animals is the closest food to what our ancestors have been eating for 300 million years. The first animals to emerge onto land, the reptiles and amphibians were and still are pure carnivores. Their metabolic processes have remained almost unchanged and are remarkably like our own. They have survived 300 million years without doctors and supermarkets, medicines or supplements on an all meat diet.

Since there are many triggers for autoimmune disease, I cannot guarantee that a carnivore diet will improve your autoimmune condition let alone reverse it. But I absolutely believe it is worth trying.

Bowel problems like Crohn’s disease and colitis are likely to improve more quickly than, for example, thyroiditis or rheumatoid arthritis. It is certainly worth persevering for two or three months. By that time, it is not unusual to be able to wean off methotrexate and reduce or stop prednisolone. You must be guided by your doctor. Expect bowel biopsies to improve. Furthermore, there may well be an improvement in general well-being beyond the immediate problem. After all, the lack of carbohydrate alone represents a major reduction in inflammation throughout the body.  ...... Part 2